Weekly Summary Week 3

This week was not as challenging as the previous weeks in my opinion. I enjoyed learning what a host character was and coming up with one of my own. The writing assignments were tough and I found it difficult to come up with a couple things but it wasn’t too awful. My favorite part was the daily create today. It was funny to think of the different things I could come up with if you only change on letter in a title. I also like Vonnegut’s explanation of a story and the video because I thought he was super funny and goofy about the subject. Organizing my blog wasn’t hard but it wouldn’t let me see all my options when trying to add posts to different categories so that got frustrating fast. I tried to do this week like I have been doing the past weeks but taking it step by step and that seems to be working out pretty well.

Host Character

Twitter Daily Create

Writing Assignment 1

Writing Assignment 2


Reading Some Terror


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