Weekly Summary Week 2

This week was also pretty tough for me like last week. There was a lot of different things to do this week that I didn’t keep up with and track of. I liked the variety of things we got to do this week but the videos and things we needed to read were very time consuming and stressful. I enjoy learning about the different things DS16 as to offer and what the course is about but I’m not very handy on computers so it makes this course more challenging for me. I am also not very good about commenting on other’s posts and it makes me feel uncomfortable writing things to other people I do not know. Customizing my blog was definitely my favorite part of this week’s assignments. I had a great time seeing all the different things I could do. Next week I want to work on my timing and not waiting until the last minute.  I learned this week how much time the course was going to take and how interesting it could be later on down the semester.

Like last week, I pretty much just went down the list and did the assignments in order. I skipped over the ones I knew wold take me longer in an effort to get things done faster and went back to them at the end. Some of the videos I listened to while I worked on other assignments and somethings, like customizing, I had done just in random thought while trying to look for other things that I was supposed to do.

Reflection on Shira Chess and Storytelling

The Three Dolls

Bucket List

World Record

T-Shirt Design

Daily Create



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