Weekly Summary 9

This week went by so quickly I thought. It was Monday and next thing I knew it was Friday. I thought this week’s work wasn’t too tough though. I enjoyed getting free range of the assignments and getting the ten stars was easy when I was actually able to enjoy the things I was making. I even ended up doing more than ten stars because the things I wanted to do went a little over. Time for me was tough though because it is almost midnight and I am just now finishing. I think I liked this week better than past week’s assignments though. I just decided to go through the steps and get things done one by one to hopefully finish in time which it looks like I am going to. I enjoyed the daily create that was due today. I also enjoyed listening to some of the other radio shows. I did not like however, all the commenting. I feel like it takes so long but I do understand the purpose of it. I think I did the connecting of the assignments correctly but I could’ve been wrong.

Radio Show Review





Daily Create

Comment 1

Comment 2

Comment 3 <<– I guess I clicked it twice so it wouldn’t let me have the real link just the error

Comment 4

Comment 5

Comment 6

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Comment 9

Comment 10


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