Weekly Summary 12

This was was pretty easy I felt like. I really enjoyed the remixes and mashups that we got to do. I think it allowed for a lot of room to be creative and try new things. I realized when I was commenting that the daily creates were supposed to be put on Twitter, I have been completely passing by that so I guess I didn’t do that but I did do the daily creates and posted them on my blog. My favorite thing this week was probably the remixes. I like how we could click that button and it was a whole new twist we could do on our own previous project. This week I watched some of the videos provided to better understand what we were doing. Then I began with the mash ups followed by remixes. I’ve gotten in the schedule of checking the daily creates each day to decided which ones I want to do. I did the commenting last because it usually takes the longest to do. Overall, I am happy with how this week turned out and the work we got to do.

Mash Up 1

Mash Up 2

Mash Up 3

Remix 1

Remix 2

Comment 1

Comment 2

Comment 3

Comment 4

Daily Create 1

Daily Create 2

Comment 5

Comment 6

Comment 7

Comment 8

Comment 9

Comment 10


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