Weekly Summary 10

This week was challenging in my opinion. I am not very good with the video stuff I think or the editing over things. I couldn’t figure out how to voice over my video essay so I just decided to type it and go for it. Not being able to figure out how to voice things over definitely created a problem for the video assignments too. I started off with watching all the videos that were linked into this week to learn about what I was supposed to be doing. Then I decided to download all the different apps and things I needed to try to make the video essay. I found the clip I wanted from a movie we watched earlier in this class. I even figured out how to mute it so I could hopefully talk but that didn’t work out so well when I couldn’t figure out how to put my voice in there. I just don’t think the whole video or editing thing is for me. I enjoyed some of the video assignments though, the ones that weren’t too challenging for me to figure out how to do.


Video Essay

Video Assignment 2

Video Assignment 1

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Comment 2

Video Assignment 3

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