Reflection on Storytelling and Shira Chess

The first link that was provided was pretty much an explanation of today’s modern internet and the things students and adults use to communicate. ¬†I think this informative link was helpful to ascribe all the different techniques we have nowadays to communicate and stay connected with one another. I like the part that talks about how important your public image is and what exactly images do to use and how they are used to communicate ideas. I also think that Wikis and blogging are important to spread ideas and to use your own words to express how you feel and what you think.


For the Slender Man, web storytelling enabled the character to grow as a character and for the imagination of the readers and storytellers to grow. The creation of him sparked an interest among the peers and he was only added onto and built up more and more as time went on. I think that the creation of the Slender Man into the Marble Hornets¬†is a new means of storytelling. Although I’m sure when creating new shows or characters, people sat around and came up with ideas together. This form of storytelling seems new because it is all done online through Open-Source. I enjoy the thought of people working together not face-to-face to come up with an idea for something great. I see “digital” as creating that different aspect to storytelling. There is traditional storytelling where things are made up or true and just being told and there is digital story telling that creates a picture in your mind and gives the reader something to build off of.



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