Reading Some Horror

The two different horror medias I read/listened to were “Last Respects” by Tales from the Crypt and a Berenice reading by Dr. John audiobook. First and foremost, both medias displayed creepy media. The Edgar Allan Poe reading was made on a picture that can be seen at the bottom of this initial description. The Tales from the Crypt was a comic book that had haunted graphics but was not as bad as the images displayed on the reading.


The most effective part of the Berenice reading was the voice of the narrator. The almost monotone, deep voice left an eerie sense about the story. The second most effective part of the story was the musical sound effects in the background whenever the narrator would come across something wicked. This story fits into the horror spectrum because the story it is about gloom, disease, and being separated from the outside world. 0024
“Last Respects” which can be found in Tales from the Crypt, is a comus book that explains and depicts a love story gone wrong. The two lovers hide the marriage and relationship from the uncle until one day he finds out. He forbids the lovers from seeing each other and the woman, Anna dies. The man then kills the uncle and is seen in a cemetery visiting Anna’s grave. This story fits into the terror/horror spectrum because it is about murder and fear of the uncle. Also, the way the story is laid out is effect because it begins with the man in the cemetery running and getting haunted and then the love story is flashed back on and then the man in back in the cemetery.


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