The Three Dolls



The three dolls above were shown in three different shows I watched this week. The first one starred in a movie called Trilogy of Terror 1975 (the Amelia part). What makes the first doll effective is that it truly in ugly. It’s teeth are scary and kind of look similar to those of a piranha. Also, the music that is played while the doll is attacking the lady and the sounds that are being played during the initial scare of the woman are super effective for making the audience jump and worry. The panic on the lady’s face and in her actions also create a state of panic for the viewers. The second doll is Talky Tina. The writer was effective in this episode because the doll looks so sweet and innocent but really is haunted and scary. The child also foreshadows the movements of the doll and what might happen when in the beginning of the episode she says that the doll talks and moves. The effectiveness used is created with the doll moving by itself and talking randomly. It creates a bit of suspense throughout the show because you know something is going to happen. I don’t think the bitterness of the father works in this series because I think it takes away from the haunted aroma of the doll. The third doll is on Night Gallery. The doll’s appearance is very effective in this show because just looking at the doll gives you an uneasy feeling. Once the doll is shown, the viewer can just guess somethings going to be wrong with the doll and scary things are going to happen. I didn’t really like the music in this show compared to the other ones. I think a big thing storytellers use when making shows online or n theaters in music and the impact it has on the viewers.


My name is Gabi. I am a transfer Sophomore at UMW. I major in Elementary Education in Psychology. I work a full-time job as well as attend college full-time. Extreme NE Patriots fan!

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  1. I’m glad that you picked up on the importance of sound. It has a powerful influence on us in video, but it often goes unnoticed because we give so much attention to what we see.

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