Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

Our future can be found in a mixture of the new Megan Trainer song “Dear Future Husband” and the song “Forever and Ever Amen” by Randy Travis. It should be the perfect mix of fast and happy and slow and romantic. But also it should be a mix of the versus from those two songs. Our future sound be full of happiness and laughter no matter if we are mad at each other or having a good day. I want to sit around and watch movies with you on cold days and spend warm days outside playing in the park with our children or dogs.


Your future wife



For this assignment, it is pretty quick and too the point. Others might have longer versions or might have a tougher time describing what they want in their significant other. I’m already engaged so I know who my future husband is and I know the things I see in him and what I want so it wasn’t too hard for me. When writing this assignment, try not to think about the physical attributes (even though those can be used) but try to focus more on what brings you happiness and joy.