That’s Not What I Expected


I created my own assignment for this category. I chose to do a visual assignment where you had to take a picture of something close up and have other classmates guess on the object in the picture is. For this picture, I took it of something that could be used around the house. Something maybe for cleaning.

For this tutorial, the assignment is fairly simple and easy to understand. The purpose of this assignment is to find something cool and interesting around the house that if you were to take a picture of up close, it would be tough to figure out what it was up close. I’ve seen these pictures done with orange peels, dog noses, and even tires of a car. It is very interesting to see how things look up close. The best thing to do for this activity is to grab your camera or cell phone and take a picture of what you want. Upload the picture onto your blog to submit for the class and the assignment. Tag the appropriate tags.