Daily Create 1



For this daily create on Thursday, I chose these lyrics from this song because throughout most of my life I have always done things for myself and gotten things done for me and only me. I think these lyrics are important to me and could be a theme song because I tend to get the people out of my life that I do not need and who will just end up holding me back in the long run.

Color Change Remix

Image-1This remix was slightly strange to me but I thought it could be interesting so I went for it. The remix for this assignment is to give a “yo mama joke” with the picture. I used my original assignment created for the color change assignment where I had to take the previous picture an change the colors. My yo mama joke for this image is, “Yo mama so lazy that she came in last place in a recent snail marathon.” I chose this one because it felt like it took forever to get up that mountain that day in the picture so I thought it was fitting.


Bucket List Remix



For this assignment, I chose to remix a previously done assignment and remix my bucket list picture. The remix was to make the picture a pinker. To me, pink makes me think of breast cancer awareness month and the focus behind the cause. So for my remix, I added breast cancer awareness ribbons to each picture on my bucket list.

Mash Up 3



For this assignment, two video game covers needed to be combined into one game. I chose to do Call of Duty and Destiny for the two games. I think this turned out pretty good! It was rather easy to make but I guess that is why it was only worth two and a half stars. I started off my gathering two pictures from each game, then I collaged them into one picture and found a way to write on the picture using an app.

Mash Up 2



This assignment was worth four stars in the assignment bank. The assignment was to combine two movie scenes or covers. The change couldn’t be obviously. I chose tow pretty common movies and I think it turned out pretty well. Especially for my first time doing something like this!

Mash Up 1


This assignment was worth three and a half stars in the assignment bank. I thought this one was pretty easy and it actually turned out to give me a good laugh. I chose to do the heart eye emoji. I took a picture and then edited it while in snapchat to create the eyes.


Weekly Summary 11

This week wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I actually enjoyed the few videos I made and I thought they were pretty easy. I actually got my daily creates done on time and got to do three this week. The three I ended up doing were easy and fun. The reading we had to do wasn’t awful and I feel like I learned a lot by reading it. The sixteen stars of video assignments I thought would be tough to reach but I just scrolled through and found the best ones that appealed to me and it actually came out to sixteen stars. Some of the videos I was able to take at work which made it super easier and better. This week was better than other weeks for getting things done and being able to do them correctly. Commenting I ended up doing last because it is usually time consuming and tedious.

Video Assignment 3

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Video Assignment 2

Video Assignment 4

Daily Creates

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Daily Creates

For the daily creates this week, I decided to just put them all on one post to make it easier for the weekly summary. I just added to the top at the week went on. For the first one I did this week, I did a selfie with a filter I had never used before. I used the filter that I thought would create the coolest colors. For the second daily create, I did a poem about my purpose in life. I tried to have a bit of fun with it and I though tit was cool to come up with. For my final daily create, I drew my host character. Gory is holding a bat, his favorite animal.



My purpose in life is to be a good wife.

               To be a good mom,

          And to never be alarmed.

My purpose in life is to have a good time.

              To never have to worry,

            And to spend every dime.





Instant Replay


This assignment was worth three and a half points in the assignment bank. I thought this assignment would be fun because it is something different to do and something that could be pretty funny. This is a video I took the other day of my cousin that I put in slow motion and it actually turned out pretty well.