Weekly Progress on Final Project

So I didn’t know what to expect for the final project or how to do it but I read the week 13 weekly assignment and started to think and hopefully it will come out good in the long run. My fear with the final project is I’m not very good at the radio assignments or video assignments. I think I am going to try to avoid those two categories the best I can. I’m not sure if I will be able to do that though.

I plan to somehow tell a love story between a man and woman. I want to use design assignments and visual assignments to tell most of the story. I might use some video or audio but I might look into some of the other categories that we haven’t used yet.


My name is Gabi. I am a transfer Sophomore at UMW. I major in Elementary Education in Psychology. I work a full-time job as well as attend college full-time. Extreme NE Patriots fan!

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