Weekly Summary

This week was a week full of creating things and figuring out how to do new things. Creating all the accounts wasn’t difficult but it was very time consuming. I had to make sure to write down all the accounts and passwords since I tend to forget those things. Creating the domain and WordPress was definitely┬áthe most frustrating part. I could not figure out how to connect my subdomain to my WordPress. I ended up having to email the professor for help. Apparently I just did the steps wrong and had to redo some things.

I learned this week how to create a domain, subdomain, and embedding. Embedding was easier than I thought it would be but creating all the things was tougher than I thought it would be. Connecting the subdomain was what drove me crazy. Through this week I was really just trying to figure out my in-person classes and figuring out how to manage those. I feel like I kind of put this off until the last minute which was not the brightest idea. I looked everything over and read what I needed to do but I waited to do it. For my thought process, I just took it step at a time. I went down the number list order an did them one by one. I tried to keep all the usernames and accounts around the same names and passwords to make it easier to remember. My favorite part of the week or the part I enjoyed most was the different horror things we got to watch and read. Scary movies tend to be my favorite so I enjoyed the theme of the week and what we got to learn about.

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