Weekly Progress on Final Project

So I didn’t know what to expect for the final project or how to do it but I read the week 13 weekly assignment and started to think and hopefully it will come out good in the long run. My fear with the final project is I’m not very good at the radio assignments or video assignments. I think I am going to try to avoid those two categories the best I can. I’m not sure if I will be able to do that though.

I plan to somehow tell a love story between a man and woman. I want to use design assignments and visual assignments to tell most of the story. I might use some video or audio but I might look into some of the other categories that we haven’t used yet.

Video Essay

So I really could not figure out how to add sound to this like a voice over so I got the clip I wanted and want through iMovie which took forever to download to my Mac. Instead of voicing it over, I am going to just type out what I wrote down that I was going to say and hopefully that counts for something.  But I found a clip from the movie “The Ring” which I think shows a few key things that were talked about in Roger Ebert’s video as well as Edgar Wright’s video clip. The first main point I noticed was that the screen often moves left to right in most parts as well as the actress’s head moving left to right. I learned that this means something negative is about to happen which would make sense for a horror movie. Another thing I noticed was the actress’s head was zoomed into when suspenseful parts were happening and the rule of ratio applied and her head was not in the middle of the screen because I learned that shows arrogance and self-centeredness. Another thing I noticed was when the actress was walking into the living room to the TV static, the only thing you could hear was the static and this created a focus on what was really going on. Finally, I noticed as the actress is walking up the stairs, the view switched from her whole body to just her feet. Then the feet are continued to be shown when the screen skips over to her standing in the hallway. Also, the last scene is the TV which goes back to the main problem in the beginning.

Radio Show Review

I listened to The Edward Creepy Show on Tuesday and I really liked what I heard! I think what made the show so successful was that each character had a different personality and different characteristics that flowed well together. Some parts of the radio show were challenging to hear but if the volume was up high enough and there were no other sounds in my background, I could still  make out the voices. I enjoyed the movies they talked about and how the show was laid out. I also really enjoyed the music choices and the different voices used. Great work!

Brainstorming Ideas

I’ve always thought it would be interesting to do a sort of talk show for a radio station. A talk show that is aimed at viewer’s questions and problems. First I would start off with a cute idea of the day or something fun to think about just as a way to try to brighten days. Then I would start reading emails, the phone calls, and then mail. I think having a way to reach out to people and help talk about things would benefit a lot of people. Plus it would allow people to get outside opinions on things without bias.