Radio Show Review

I listened to The Edward Creepy Show on Tuesday and I really liked what I heard! I think what made the show so successful was that each character had a different personality and different characteristics that flowed well together. Some parts of the radio show were challenging to hear but if the volume was up high enough and there were no other sounds in my background, I could still  make out the voices. I enjoyed the movies they talked about and how the show was laid out. I also really enjoyed the music choices and the different voices used. Great work!

Week 2 Progress

I am actually surprised in how this week went and how we all communicated to figure things out. I usually hate group projects but I think my group worked well together. We began by sorting out the normal things like  name and ideas. We each also named some facts about ourselves to get to know each other better. Then we began emailing ideas and working on our Google Doc. We each said the things we liked and didn’t  like and it actually wasn’t that hard to come up with a main idea and plan. Next we started writing our scripts and assigning parts. This also wasn’t too tough because everything in our doc was color coded and we created the script to be equal for each member. We have most of it finished, we just need to record our parts and send them to each other and get it all put together at the end. I think it’ll turn out nice.