Daily Create 2



This daily create I did on Monday. I thought this daily create would be kind of cool to make but I wasn’t very good at it. The title of this daily create was to Remix your world. So I took a picture of a window and added a sunset out of the window.

Daily Create 1



For this daily create on Thursday, I chose these lyrics from this song because throughout most of my life I have always done things for myself and gotten things done for me and only me. I think these lyrics are important to me and could be a theme song because I tend to get the people out of my life that I do not need and who will just end up holding me back in the long run.

Daily Creates

For the daily creates this week, I decided to just put them all on one post to make it easier for the weekly summary. I just added to the top at the week went on. For the first one I did this week, I did a selfie with a filter I had never used before. I used the filter that I thought would create the coolest colors. For the second daily create, I did a poem about my purpose in life. I tried to have a bit of fun with it and I though tit was cool to come up with. For my final daily create, I drew my host character. Gory is holding a bat, his favorite animal.



My purpose in life is to be a good wife.

               To be a good mom,

          And to never be alarmed.

My purpose in life is to have a good time.

              To never have to worry,

            And to spend every dime.





The Hole in the Wall

For this Daily Create, I did my picture titled “The Hole in the Wall.” This picture is of a plain blank, white wall. But I gave it the title the hole in the wall to make people search for the hole even though there isn’t one.