Weekly Showcase

Gory Collins here and I am here to tell you about an event hat occurred last night. As mentioned earlier, I thoroughly enjoy walking through cemeteries. Last night on my latest venture, I noticed five other figures in the shadows of the tombstones. I approached the figures cautiously trying not to spook them. The five figures were standing in a circle and I became curious what was going on. The figures turned as I approached and they greeted me with glares and grumbles. The first person present was REPSAG, who is an average girl but has not true appearance. The next figure was Eve Winters. That Eve has an odd resemblance to BloodyFace.. Next was La Noir, who was a very mysterious woman. Then there was Edward Creeper, the name says it all. Finally, HeadReaper who might as well have Edward Creeper’s name. The six of us looked down into a grave to discover it was empty. It is going to be our mission throughout the semester find the missing body.

Host Character

My name is Gory Collins. I was born in Nebraska in the woods. My mother and father went missing when I was seven so I was raised by my great-uncle and second cousin. I enjoy walking through cemeteries and eating brunch with different tombstones. At night, I sing carols to my mirror while I drink hot tea. This will be my first narration of a show and I can’t wait to have all of you spooked by the end. Enjoy.