Halloween Origami


I chose to do this video assignment, it is worth four and half stars. It involved making an origami something Halloween. I chose to do a bat. I thought this activity was relatively easy but it was fun to research different ideas and test what I could actually come up with. This video assignment connects with my host character because it just so happens that my host character’s favorite animal is a bat. He was several pet bats that he raises and cuddles with every night. Silly Gory Collins.

Video Assignment 1

This assignment was titles “What do you Love?”. Do I decided to make a video of my new puppy, Parker. I adopted Parker a couple days ago and I have fallen in love with him since. I decided to record a video of him sleeping because that is literally all he does since he is so young. His constant sleeping is one of the many things I love about him because he is always having some crazy dreams it seems like and his sleeping ┬ámakes him such a good boy because we can bring him everywhere.

Having Dinner with an Old Friend…

Tonight, I am having Eve Winters over for dinner. I am cooking chicken with pasta on the side. I am also deciding last minute to make up a salad. I wonder what would go good on a salad.. pickles… olives… orange slices… I am staring into my fridge randomly to come up with something to add on this salad for our dinner. Eve gets there and we are sitting at this table I have set and it is getting time to b100_1215egin eating. We talk about all the different radio shows we listened to this week and how those shows have changed our perspectives of horror and scary talks. After we finished talking, I brought out the salad. She looked horrified. Almost as if we were talking about those radio shows again a
nd the things that were said in the shows. I knew I shouldn’t have made that salad.


This maze is being complete by Gory Collins and Eve Winters after their wedding. This assignment was worth three and a half stars. The maze is a two peIMG_0140rson maze where the partners have to find their way through the confusing m axe and out the other side. I did not collaborate with another classmate on this project, it was just the host character I chose to use for these assignments to connect with. The two can be seen at the start of the maze ready to begin the journey.

Wedding Invitation

IMG_0141For this assignment, I did another design one and I created my own wedding invitation. I did not collaborate with another classmate, I just used the name for this assignment because it was one of the first girl host character names on the list given to us. I drew up this wedding invitation at my desk and thought it would be perfect for a thrown together wedding between Gory Collins and Eve Winters. The wedding is in the Winter so I thought Eve would enjoy that.




For this assignments, I did a design assignment that was worth two and a half stars. For this fundraiser for this park, we are doing a “Haunted Halloween 5K Wicked Woods Fun Run.” At this fun run, runners will get a chance to meet the cast of Corpus Metus which was the radio show I was involved with!

Real Housewives Tagline

Real Housewifes Tagline

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” I used this tagline because it is my favorite quote. I think this quote is important and I used it as my tagline because I think no matter what, the most important thing to do is to love yourself. No matter what you are going to do with your life, at lease go at it full force and be good at it. I think these days it is too stressed you need certain jobs that make certain amounts of money but why be average at a good job when you could deb great at a job you are great at?