Having Dinner with an Old Friend…

Tonight, I am having Eve Winters over for dinner. I am cooking chicken with pasta on the side. I am also deciding last minute to make up a salad. I wonder what would go good on a salad.. pickles… olives… orange slices… I am staring into my fridge randomly to come up with something to add on this salad for our dinner. Eve gets there and we are sitting at this table I have set and it is getting time to b100_1215egin eating. We talk about all the different radio shows we listened to this week and how those shows have changed our perspectives of horror and scary talks. After we finished talking, I brought out the salad. She looked horrified. Almost as if we were talking about those radio shows again a
nd the things that were said in the shows. I knew I shouldn’t have made that salad.


My name is Gabi. I am a transfer Sophomore at UMW. I major in Elementary Education in Psychology. I work a full-time job as well as attend college full-time. Extreme NE Patriots fan!

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