A Vonnegut Approach

Kurt Vonnegut was an American writer who published many books and articles. The youtube video we watched on his was about him explaining how all stories are virtually the same and follow the same pattern on events depending on how the story starts out. He starts by drawing a line and calls it the B-E line. This stands for beginning and end. Then he goes over each story sequence based on if the sVonnegut-Little-Thingstory started off happy, bad, or average for the main character. An example of this would be the story we had to read for class, Twilight Zone “Living Doll.” This story started off with a little girl who had trouble making friends and trouble with self-esteem. This is th
e beginning low. Then the mother o the little girl buys her a brand new doll. This is the shift to the high of the story. Then the doll becomes haunted and scary. This is the shift back down to the low. The way Vonnegut explains it is if a story begins on a high, so
mething terrible will happen and then the story will get happy again. This is the other case for something that starts off bad.


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