Weekly Summary 10

This week was challenging in my opinion. I am not very good with the video stuff I think or the editing over things. I couldn’t figure out how to voice over my video essay so I just decided to type it and go for it. Not being able to figure out how to voice things over definitely created a problem for the video assignments too. I started off with watching all the videos that were linked into this week to learn about what I was supposed to be doing. Then I decided to download all the different apps and things I needed to try to make the video essay. I found the clip I wanted from a movie we watched earlier in this class. I even figured out how to mute it so I could hopefully talk but that didn’t work out so well when I couldn’t figure out how to put my voice in there. I just don’t think the whole video or editing thing is for me. I enjoyed some of the video assignments though, the ones that weren’t too challenging for me to figure out how to do.


Video Essay

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Video Essay

So I really could not figure out how to add sound to this like a voice over so I got the clip I wanted and want through iMovie which took forever to download to my Mac. Instead of voicing it over, I am going to just type out what I wrote down that I was going to say and hopefully that counts for something.  But I found a clip from the movie “The Ring” which I think shows a few key things that were talked about in Roger Ebert’s video as well as Edgar Wright’s video clip. The first main point I noticed was that the screen often moves left to right in most parts as well as the actress’s head moving left to right. I learned that this means something negative is about to happen which would make sense for a horror movie. Another thing I noticed was the actress’s head was zoomed into when suspenseful parts were happening and the rule of ratio applied and her head was not in the middle of the screen because I learned that shows arrogance and self-centeredness. Another thing I noticed was when the actress was walking into the living room to the TV static, the only thing you could hear was the static and this created a focus on what was really going on. Finally, I noticed as the actress is walking up the stairs, the view switched from her whole body to just her feet. Then the feet are continued to be shown when the screen skips over to her standing in the hallway. Also, the last scene is the TV which goes back to the main problem in the beginning.

Video Assignment 1

This assignment was titles “What do you Love?”. Do I decided to make a video of my new puppy, Parker. I adopted Parker a couple days ago and I have fallen in love with him since. I decided to record a video of him sleeping because that is literally all he does since he is so young. His constant sleeping is one of the many things I love about him because he is always having some crazy dreams it seems like and his sleeping  makes him such a good boy because we can bring him everywhere.

Weekly Summary 9

This week went by so quickly I thought. It was Monday and next thing I knew it was Friday. I thought this week’s work wasn’t too tough though. I enjoyed getting free range of the assignments and getting the ten stars was easy when I was actually able to enjoy the things I was making. I even ended up doing more than ten stars because the things I wanted to do went a little over. Time for me was tough though because it is almost midnight and I am just now finishing. I think I liked this week better than past week’s assignments though. I just decided to go through the steps and get things done one by one to hopefully finish in time which it looks like I am going to. I enjoyed the daily create that was due today. I also enjoyed listening to some of the other radio shows. I did not like however, all the commenting. I feel like it takes so long but I do understand the purpose of it. I think I did the connecting of the assignments correctly but I could’ve been wrong.

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Daily Create

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The Hole in the Wall

For this Daily Create, I did my picture titled “The Hole in the Wall.” This picture is of a plain blank, white wall. But I gave it the title the hole in the wall to make people search for the hole even though there isn’t one.

Having Dinner with an Old Friend…

Tonight, I am having Eve Winters over for dinner. I am cooking chicken with pasta on the side. I am also deciding last minute to make up a salad. I wonder what would go good on a salad.. pickles… olives… orange slices… I am staring into my fridge randomly to come up with something to add on this salad for our dinner. Eve gets there and we are sitting at this table I have set and it is getting time to b100_1215egin eating. We talk about all the different radio shows we listened to this week and how those shows have changed our perspectives of horror and scary talks. After we finished talking, I brought out the salad. She looked horrified. Almost as if we were talking about those radio shows again a
nd the things that were said in the shows. I knew I shouldn’t have made that salad.


This maze is being complete by Gory Collins and Eve Winters after their wedding. This assignment was worth three and a half stars. The maze is a two peIMG_0140rson maze where the partners have to find their way through the confusing m axe and out the other side. I did not collaborate with another classmate on this project, it was just the host character I chose to use for these assignments to connect with. The two can be seen at the start of the maze ready to begin the journey.

Wedding Invitation

IMG_0141For this assignment, I did another design one and I created my own wedding invitation. I did not collaborate with another classmate, I just used the name for this assignment because it was one of the first girl host character names on the list given to us. I drew up this wedding invitation at my desk and thought it would be perfect for a thrown together wedding between Gory Collins and Eve Winters. The wedding is in the Winter so I thought Eve would enjoy that.