A Vonnegut Approach

Kurt Vonnegut was an American writer who published many books and articles. The youtube video we watched on his was about him explaining how all stories are virtually the same and follow the same pattern on events depending on how the story starts out. He starts by drawing a line and calls it the B-E line. This stands for beginning and end. Then he goes over each story sequence based on if the sVonnegut-Little-Thingstory started off happy, bad, or average for the main character. An example of this would be the story we had to read for class, Twilight Zone “Living Doll.” This story started off with a little girl who had trouble making friends and trouble with self-esteem. This is th
e beginning low. Then the mother o the little girl buys her a brand new doll. This is the shift to the high of the story. Then the doll becomes haunted and scary. This is the shift back down to the low. The way Vonnegut explains it is if a story begins on a high, so
mething terrible will happen and then the story will get happy again. This is the other case for something that starts off bad.

Reading Some Horror

The two different horror medias I read/listened to were “Last Respects” by Tales from the Crypt and a Berenice reading by Dr. John audiobook. First and foremost, both medias displayed creepy media. The Edgar Allan Poe reading was made on a picture that can be seen at the bottom of this initial description. The Tales from the Crypt was a comic book that had haunted graphics but was not as bad as the images displayed on the reading.


The most effective part of the Berenice reading was the voice of the narrator. The almost monotone, deep voice left an eerie sense about the story. The second most effective part of the story was the musical sound effects in the background whenever the narrator would come across something wicked. This story fits into the horror spectrum because the story it is about gloom, disease, and being separated from the outside world. 0024
“Last Respects” which can be found in Tales from the Crypt, is a comus book that explains and depicts a love story gone wrong. The two lovers hide the marriage and relationship from the uncle until one day he finds out. He forbids the lovers from seeing each other and the woman, Anna dies. The man then kills the uncle and is seen in a cemetery visiting Anna’s grave. This story fits into the terror/horror spectrum because it is about murder and fear of the uncle. Also, the way the story is laid out is effect because it begins with the man in the cemetery running and getting haunted and then the love story is flashed back on and then the man in back in the cemetery.

Weekly Summary Week 2

This week was also pretty tough for me like last week. There was a lot of different things to do this week that I didn’t keep up with and track of. I liked the variety of things we got to do this week but the videos and things we needed to read were very time consuming and stressful. I enjoy learning about the different things DS16 as to offer and what the course is about but I’m not very handy on computers so it makes this course more challenging for me. I am also not very good about commenting on other’s posts and it makes me feel uncomfortable writing things to other people I do not know. Customizing my blog was definitely my favorite part of this week’s assignments. I had a great time seeing all the different things I could do. Next week I want to work on my timing and not waiting until the last minute.  I learned this week how much time the course was going to take and how interesting it could be later on down the semester.

Like last week, I pretty much just went down the list and did the assignments in order. I skipped over the ones I knew wold take me longer in an effort to get things done faster and went back to them at the end. Some of the videos I listened to while I worked on other assignments and somethings, like customizing, I had done just in random thought while trying to look for other things that I was supposed to do.

Reflection on Shira Chess and Storytelling

The Three Dolls

Bucket List

World Record

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Guinness Book of World Records

 Guinness Book of World Records:


For this world record, the person trying to break the record must see how many cheerios he or she can fit on his or her face. The cheerios are not allowed to be glued or stuck to the face in any way. The current record for most cheerios stuck on a person’s face is 103.


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The Three Dolls



The three dolls above were shown in three different shows I watched this week. The first one starred in a movie called Trilogy of Terror 1975 (the Amelia part). What makes the first doll effective is that it truly in ugly. It’s teeth are scary and kind of look similar to those of a piranha. Also, the music that is played while the doll is attacking the lady and the sounds that are being played during the initial scare of the woman are super effective for making the audience jump and worry. The panic on the lady’s face and in her actions also create a state of panic for the viewers. The second doll is Talky Tina. The writer was effective in this episode because the doll looks so sweet and innocent but really is haunted and scary. The child also foreshadows the movements of the doll and what might happen when in the beginning of the episode she says that the doll talks and moves. The effectiveness used is created with the doll moving by itself and talking randomly. It creates a bit of suspense throughout the show because you know something is going to happen. I don’t think the bitterness of the father works in this series because I think it takes away from the haunted aroma of the doll. The third doll is on Night Gallery. The doll’s appearance is very effective in this show because just looking at the doll gives you an uneasy feeling. Once the doll is shown, the viewer can just guess somethings going to be wrong with the doll and scary things are going to happen. I didn’t really like the music in this show compared to the other ones. I think a big thing storytellers use when making shows online or n theaters in music and the impact it has on the viewers.

Reflection on Storytelling and Shira Chess

The first link that was provided was pretty much an explanation of today’s modern internet and the things students and adults use to communicate.  I think this informative link was helpful to ascribe all the different techniques we have nowadays to communicate and stay connected with one another. I like the part that talks about how important your public image is and what exactly images do to use and how they are used to communicate ideas. I also think that Wikis and blogging are important to spread ideas and to use your own words to express how you feel and what you think.


For the Slender Man, web storytelling enabled the character to grow as a character and for the imagination of the readers and storytellers to grow. The creation of him sparked an interest among the peers and he was only added onto and built up more and more as time went on. I think that the creation of the Slender Man into the Marble Hornets is a new means of storytelling. Although I’m sure when creating new shows or characters, people sat around and came up with ideas together. This form of storytelling seems new because it is all done online through Open-Source. I enjoy the thought of people working together not face-to-face to come up with an idea for something great. I see “digital” as creating that different aspect to storytelling. There is traditional storytelling where things are made up or true and just being told and there is digital story telling that creates a picture in your mind and gives the reader something to build off of.