Weekly Summary 5

This week was not my favorite at all. I’m shy when it comes to things like audio so I did not like it. This week I did things out of order a bit. I tried to stay on the schedule map but I kept bouncing around trying to keep my interest and avoid talking which I didn’t do but I did put that off until the end. My thought process for this week was just to try to get through it because I know sometimes I am going to be put in uncomfortable situations but it is just best if I face it and get it over with. Week five and I’m still saying this, I need to get better about doing this ahead of time and time-managment. I am glad this week is over though and I look forward to what we get to learn about next week.


Last Laugh

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Moon Graffiti

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Brainstorming Ideas

I’ve always thought it would be interesting to do a sort of talk show for a radio station. A talk show that is aimed at viewer’s questions and problems. First I would start off with a cute idea of the day or something fun to think about just as a way to try to brighten days. Then I would start reading emails, the phone calls, and then mail. I think having a way to reach out to people and help talk about things would benefit a lot of people. Plus it would allow people to get outside opinions on things without bias.

Last Laugh

For the page I selected, I would create a creepy background sound. Kind Tales_from_the_Crypt_Vol_1_23of like that building piano sound. It would lead into the next scene and the music would be a softer version of the piano sounds. Sound can change the context of the  story and I wouldn’t want the  audio I chose to change the idea  that’s why I tried to keep it creepy and haunted. 

Real Housewives Tagline

Real Housewifes Tagline

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” I used this tagline because it is my favorite quote. I think this quote is important and I used it as my tagline because I think no matter what, the most important thing to do is to love yourself. No matter what you are going to do with your life, at lease go at it full force and be good at it. I think these days it is too stressed you need certain jobs that make certain amounts of money but why be average at a good job when you could deb great at a job you are great at?

Moon Graffiti

In the beginning, the audio is kind of hectic and panicked which is also the scene in the story. When the spaceship crashed, the music was still panicked and worrisomefull-moon-juarez-mexico. Next, the absence of sound created the spooky, ghostly feeling that something bad has happened and it’s a sense of mourning as the news is released. The next beating sound leads into the fact that we are about to hear more information about what just happened and some more news is coming. The sense of space can be heard through the airy audio and sounds of muffled voices.

Audio Reflection

Audio in storytelling and movies is important to set the mood for the movie. In scary movies, the audio creates the suspense and makes the viewer jump with the jump in pitch of the audio. I’ve always heard that a scary movie in mute, really isn’t that scary of a movie. An example of a scary movie that has great audio to create the proper atmosphere is one movie we were asked to watch last week, The Ring. The audio in the movie helps make the viewer jump and cringe as the movie goes on. In love movies, the audio is alway like a sort of low, harmonious audio that creates that aroma of happiness and love. Audio really can make or break a movie and a story because the wrong audio can leave the viewer or listener confused as to what the story is really about.

Weekly Summary Week 4

This week was rough. I didn’t look ahead of time and put it all off until the last minute so I couldn’t do a lot of things. I feel like the week just flies by and next thing I know it’s Friday and this is due. I think I just need to get better about keeping up with being a full-time student, working a full-time job, and making sure my apartment is clean and laundry is done. The Visual Assignments this week were probably my favorite part or creating my own picture. I think out of all the daily assignment things we have had to do so far, visual is my favorite category. Watching the Ring was also another part I enjoyed about this week. I wish I would’ve given myself more time for this week because I really enjoy photography and learning about it.

My process for this week was the same as last week’s and the week before that. I just go step-by-step down the list of things to do and try my hardest to get them completed. I hope next week gets a bit better but I know I work more and have a bunch of exams so I doubt it.


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