Weekly Summary

This week was a week full of creating things and figuring out how to do new things. Creating all the accounts wasn’t difficult but it was very time consuming. I had to make sure to write down all the accounts and passwords since I tend to forget those things. Creating the domain and WordPress was definitely the most frustrating part. I could not figure out how to connect my subdomain to my WordPress. I ended up having to email the professor for help. Apparently I just did the steps wrong and had to redo some things.

I learned this week how to create a domain, subdomain, and embedding. Embedding was easier than I thought it would be but creating all the things was tougher than I thought it would be. Connecting the subdomain was what drove me crazy. Through this week I was really just trying to figure out my in-person classes and figuring out how to manage those. I feel like I kind of put this off until the last minute which was not the brightest idea. I looked everything over and read what I needed to do but I waited to do it. For my thought process, I just took it step at a time. I went down the number list order an did them one by one. I tried to keep all the usernames and accounts around the same names and passwords to make it easier to remember. My favorite part of the week or the part I enjoyed most was the different horror things we got to watch and read. Scary movies tend to be my favorite so I enjoyed the theme of the week and what we got to learn about.

Blog Post 2 (Haunted Story)

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Chainsaw Out of the Trees

One night my parents decided it would be a good idea to take our family to a haunted house type thing that was being held in the woods at a near by park. The night was pitch black and the air had a certain crisp to it. It felt like any other typical Fall night. We all loaded onto the back of a trailer being hauled by a giant, loud tractor. The hay ride on the back of a tractor was supposed to be a family-friendly attraction. As we are sitting on top of hay bail in a trailer, thiCrazy-Clown-Chainsaw-Scare-Prankngs are popping out and scaring us. It wasn’tJasonf too bad until all of a sudden, a man wearing a mask and all black came jumping out of the trees with a chainsaw and chased the trailer. Everyone was screaming and kids even started crying on the hay ride. To this day, my dad still does not know if the man with the chainsaw was supposed to be there but it was one of the scariest experiences of my life.