Weekly Summary Final Week

As for my summary of the week, I think it went pretty well. I am satisfied with my work and my time management of the project. I think everything went smoothly (besides the audio part of course) and now it is time for my to create my daily creates, tutorials, and assignments.

I spent most of this week focusing on the final project and once that was finished, I worked on doing my tutorials, assignments, and daily creates. These were not too difficult to create and I did not mind it that much. I was worried that putting these off so long would bite me in the butt but it didn’t. Overall, this week was stressful but worth it!

Advice for Future Students

Assignments and Tutorials

Assignment and Tutorial 1

Assignment and Tutorial 2


Advice for Future Students


No but seriously. I literally did this every week and I told myself every week I wouldn’t do it the next week. It really made things so much harder. The work is not that bad if things get done in a timely fashion and you don’t wait until the last minute. You will learn a lot in this course if you pay attention to what you are actually doing and read through all the given links for each week. Some more advice would be to look at the daily creates each day to find the three you like the best for each week because sometimes I would wait until the last couple days and get some that I really didn’t want to do.

Tutorials and Assignments Created by Me

Assignment Tutorial and Created Assignment 1

Assignment Tutorial and Created Assignment 2

Creating the assignments was easier than I thought it was going to be. I think throughout the semester I kind of had ideas in my mind of things I would want to do so coming up with ideas really wasn’t that hard to do. I think my two assignments were rather fun and I think that they ill be completed often in the future for the other classes. I included the tutorials for the assignments in the connected links for my completion of the assignments.

The two daily creates I suggested were to design your own wedding attire and to take a random selfie with people in the background doing weird things.

Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

Our future can be found in a mixture of the new Megan Trainer song “Dear Future Husband” and the song “Forever and Ever Amen” by Randy Travis. It should be the perfect mix of fast and happy and slow and romantic. But also it should be a mix of the versus from those two songs. Our future sound be full of happiness and laughter no matter if we are mad at each other or having a good day. I want to sit around and watch movies with you on cold days and spend warm days outside playing in the park with our children or dogs.


Your future wife



For this assignment, it is pretty quick and too the point. Others might have longer versions or might have a tougher time describing what they want in their significant other. I’m already engaged so I know who my future husband is and I know the things I see in him and what I want so it wasn’t too hard for me. When writing this assignment, try not to think about the physical attributes (even though those can be used) but try to focus more on what brings you happiness and joy.

That’s Not What I Expected


I created my own assignment for this category. I chose to do a visual assignment where you had to take a picture of something close up and have other classmates guess on the object in the picture is. For this picture, I took it of something that could be used around the house. Something maybe for cleaning.

For this tutorial, the assignment is fairly simple and easy to understand. The purpose of this assignment is to find something cool and interesting around the house that if you were to take a picture of up close, it would be tough to figure out what it was up close. I’ve seen these pictures done with orange peels, dog noses, and even tires of a car. It is very interesting to see how things look up close. The best thing to do for this activity is to grab your camera or cell phone and take a picture of what you want. Upload the picture onto your blog to submit for the class and the assignment. Tag the appropriate tags.

Final Project and Final Week

This class I think has been pretty interesting and it was a lot of work but it was enjoyable work. I’m glad to see it come to an end but going to miss the cool things I got to learn at the same time. For my final project, I decided to do a love story based on multiple assignments in the assignment bank but also coming up with my own ideas to make the project better. For starters, I chose to do the assignment “Love at First Shot.” Now with this assignment is a visual assignment, and I built my love story off of. The assignment is to find a picture online of a couple and come up with a story for it. I instead chose to choose multiple “lovey” pictures and build a whole love life off of it in a story of Mike and Maria. The second assignment I used was “Have a Phone Conversation with Yourself.” Now for this, I tried to get my audio out of the way but I actually ended up doing audio for the whole thing so that plan didn’t work. I used audacity to edit the voices and change the pitches to sound like a man vs woman. At some parts in the movie, the audacity kept acting up or maybe it was something on my computer that I couldn’t figure out but it would get super high pitched in some places and I pretty much had to record things multiple times to try to make it as least terrible as possible. The third assignment I used out of the assignment bank was the “Welcome to Paradise” writing assignment. For this assignment, instead of writing it down in a blog post, I spoke out my dream vacation as if it was the honeymoon that Mike and Maria were going on. I spoke of who and what I would want to take to the beautiful location and what my location would look like.


For the rest of my final project, I used different aspects of the course to compile everything together to make my movie of Mike and Maria. I used iMovie on my Mac to put it all together. I learned how to add sound effects and transitions. I even added a movie into my movie to add the video portion of the assignments in there. As mentioned in the week 13 assignments, I found this cool way to add a map into my movie so I did that too. Overall, I think my final project turned out way better than I expected (minus the audio problems every now and then) and I’m pretty satisfied with it. I think I learned more in trying to create this final than I realized I learned all semester because I was finally putting everything together.


Final Project


As for my summary of the week, I think it went pretty well. I am satisfied with my work and my time management of the project. I think everything went smoothly (besides the audio part of course) and now it is time for my to create my daily creates, tutorials, and assignments.

Weekly Progress on Final Project

So I didn’t know what to expect for the final project or how to do it but I read the week 13 weekly assignment and started to think and hopefully it will come out good in the long run. My fear with the final project is I’m not very good at the radio assignments or video assignments. I think I am going to try to avoid those two categories the best I can. I’m not sure if I will be able to do that though.

I plan to somehow tell a love story between a man and woman. I want to use design assignments and visual assignments to tell most of the story. I might use some video or audio but I might look into some of the other categories that we haven’t used yet.

Weekly Summary 12

This was was pretty easy I felt like. I really enjoyed the remixes and mashups that we got to do. I think it allowed for a lot of room to be creative and try new things. I realized when I was commenting that the daily creates were supposed to be put on Twitter, I have been completely passing by that so I guess I didn’t do that but I did do the daily creates and posted them on my blog. My favorite thing this week was probably the remixes. I like how we could click that button and it was a whole new twist we could do on our own previous project. This week I watched some of the videos provided to better understand what we were doing. Then I began with the mash ups followed by remixes. I’ve gotten in the schedule of checking the daily creates each day to decided which ones I want to do. I did the commenting last because it usually takes the longest to do. Overall, I am happy with how this week turned out and the work we got to do.

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